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Blanketed in white, our beloved Snowfields smile down on us all. We celebrate winter by playing in the snow!

Winter sports are an incredible source of fun and we, at Sports for Winter, revel in it all.

Snowboarders, skiers, and any other sport involving snow; we welcome them one and all!

Boundless energy and enthusiasm drive us as we dance across the slopes. Carving tracks into the snow, leaving nothing but ripple-like trails behind us is bliss.

Our alliance of winter sports lovers stands firmly united by the same cause: to enjoy the winter season with no restrictions or inhibitions whatsoever.

Heads held high, our passion radiates from within—a contagious rush of pure bliss! Wintersports seekers yearning for even more—join us today!

More hands make light work indeed and we’ll be able to double our efforts instantly. Strengthened by sheer numbers not just for this season but for years to come.

Sports for Winter will soon become colossal, with nations worldwide flocking together in unity! If you’re a snowboarder or skier yourself then don’t wait for another second—unite with us now!

Be part of something bigger than yourself; something unique and special that brings people together through joyous winters wherever they may be located. Create unparalleled experiences during snowy days as we glide, soar and fly over majestic trees deep in wondrous forests right here at home or even abroad if you wish!

We invite everyone to join in on the fun; to freely share their love & knowledge along the way too! Laughing together as ribs ache with pain during those steep exits after an exhilarating ride downwards — becomes a shared experience evident at its best within the Sports For Winter community!-- A passionate comradery where we strive continuously towards endless adventure throughout wintry days!

Our journey has only just begun so why stay behind? Discover your true potential; embark on a precious journey like never before. So what are you waiting for? Join like-minded kitesurfers & snow seekers from around the globe today—everything starts here with the Sports For Winter alliance so seize this chance & be a part of it all now!

If you like to contribute to our blog email us at [email protected] for more information!

For now, Enjoy this one and have fun on the slopes ... Update on Feral Incident and more

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between snow skiing and snowboarding?

The two types of snow skiing are alpine skiing and Nordic skiing. Alpine skiing is done on steep, downhill slopes, while Nordic skiing is cross-country skiing done on more gradual terrain. Both require different techniques.

These two sports have a key difference: You have more time and can accelerate, brake, turn, and stop when you are going downhill. This allows for higher speeds and greater jumps.

Both types involve skis attached and boots worn on the foot. Skis are long wood or curved plastic pieces to help you glide across the snow.

Special clothing, called "boots", covers your ankles and feet. Your feet are protected in case you break bones or fall. Although you can do either type of snow skiing by yourself, it is possible to join groups of skiers together. These groups can include both beginners and professionals.

Snow skiing takes place in winter months, usually from December to March. Snow ski resorts are places where people come to enjoy the sport. Some of the most famous ones are Whistler Blackcomb and Aspen Mountain.

How to get started

First, buy some new equipment if you want to learn how to snow ski. You will need to have skis, poles, or boots. Prices will vary depending on the type of equipment that you buy.

Next, take a class at your local ski resort. There are many classes that can teach you how use the equipment, ride on a chairlift or ski backwards.

Then, you will be able to ski at your own pace. You should take breaks every now and again during the activity. You can try your skills on a nearby hill when you feel ready.

Are ski resorts using artificial snow?

Yes, resorts sometimes use artificial snow to complement the natural snowfall. This allows for a steady snowfall on the slopes. It also improves skiing conditions and makes the resort more attractive to potential customers. Some estimates indicate that up to 70% of the snow at some ski resorts are artificial.

There are a few different ways that artificial snow can be produced. One method to make artificial snow is to use water and pressurized oxygen through a snow gun. This produces a fine mist that freezes quickly into snowflakes. Snowmaking Systems are larger machines that create snow on a larger scale. These systems use water and cooling to cool the air.

Artificial snow has several advantages for ski resorts. Artificial snow can be used as a supplement to natural snowfall. This helps maintain consistent conditions on the slopes. It can also easily be produced on demand so that resorts can open earlier and stay open longer. It is also very economical because it is made from water.

Artificial snow does have its drawbacks. Artificial snow is less dense than natural snow. This means it doesn't pack well and isn’t great for skiing. It can be harder to control and cause problems with consistency. Because it is made with water, it can cause mud or debris to melt.

Artificial snow is what most ski resorts use. Natural snow is unpredictable. Even in warmer climates, it can be unpredictable. It can also be unpredictable when snow falls, especially in warmer climates. Artificial snow provides ski resorts with a more reliable and consistent choice. While it's not perfect, artificial snow is still the best choice.

How much does ski-boarding cost?

It all depends on where you live and how much equipment you buy.

Skiing in North America or Europe is the most expensive option.

Skiing costs vary depending on your ability. For beginners, a lift ticket will be required. It can cost as little as $50 per person. A season pass can be purchased for upwards of $1000 if you are a more advanced skier. Additionally, equipment costs will need to be considered. They can cost anywhere from a few hundred up to several thousand. Last, but not least, consider transportation costs and lodging. Prices can vary depending upon where you live.

Skiing costs vary depending on many factors. But, skiing is not a cheap sport. Skiing is a costly sport. Before you make a decision, be sure to look at all the costs.

What is Gortex, and why is it suitable for ski or snowboarding pants and jackets?

Gortex fabric is used often in jackets and ski pants. It is both waterproof and windproof. Gortex is also very breathable which will keep you cool even when you sweat. Gortex has a high degree of durability, which means it can withstand much wear and tear.

What are the various ways to ski?

There are many ways that you can ski. There are many ways to ski. Some prefer to go downhill while others prefer cross-country or backcountry skiing. There are many different ways you can ski, depending on how experienced you are. Beginners may want to start with easier trails before moving on to more difficult ones. More experienced skiers can try moguls, powder, or backcountry skiing.


  • According to tradition (though now subject to debate), in about 1860 Norwegian Sondre Nordheim tied wet birch roots around his boots from the toe straps back around the boots' heels to anchor them firmly to the skis. (
  • In this case, 82% of readers who voted found the article helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. (
  • 18 percent of trails are for beginners, 29 percent are for intermediates, and 53 percent are for advanced and expert skiers and snowboarders. (
  • Based on the degree of difficulty, the routine is scored on form and technique (50 percent), takeoff and height (20 percent), and landing (30 percent). (
  • For serious skiers looking for white-knuckle descents, there's the legendary 85 percent vertical, where skiers compete annually in the Hahnenkamm, the most challenging of all downhill races. (

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The Top 10 Ski Resorts in the World

Skiing is an activity which requires equipment, weather conditions, money, and time. Skiing is a passion for many. However, the best place to ski is a resort. It's a great way to have fun, meet new friends, and discover beautiful places.

There are many ski resorts around the world where you can go and enjoy yourself. We have listed ten of the most well-known ski resorts worldwide. If you live near any of these places, you should visit them because they are great.

  1. Val d'Isere - France
  2. Whistler Blackcomb Canada
  3. St Anton am Arlberg - Austria
  4. Tignes - Switzerland
  5. La Plagne - France
  6. Kitzbuhel - Austria
  7. Breuil-Cervinia - Italy
  8. Alta Badia - Italy
  9. Garmisch-Partenkirchen - Germany
  10. Chamonix Mont Blanc - France

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While it seems like most resorts are delaying openings due to warm weather and lack of snow, Boreal Mountain in California is not only opening on time, they're

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Intersport has over 700 ski hire shops across the Alps. With the special "PlanetSKI" discount code you can rent award-winning skis & snowboards at fabulous

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Skiing should be fun. That's why we give it all up, 3 out of 4 seasons, to enjoy winter snow. As freeskiing pioneer Shane McConkey once said, "I'll be poor for

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I love yard sales. I've been to quite a few recently, shopping for that XXL menswear steeze to wear on the mountain this winter (yes, I was inspired by the

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Killington, the popular ski resort in Vermont, was just given the green light for the Stifel Killington Cup, a World Cup alpine ski race with Slalom and Giant

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Rich is seemingly never afraid to land switch.

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In 2002, Premiere Neige made its debut in Saint Foy starting with just two chalets. Today it owns a collection of 30 catered and self-catered properties.

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The survey was conducted by the Ski Club of Great Britain and sent to Ski Club members and subscribers. It was done in partnership with Snow + Rock and the

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World Ski Awards – the only global initiative to recognise and reward excellence in ski tourism – has revealed the winners of its 11th annual programme. NEWThe

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Last year’s race was called off due to a lack of snow. This year’s was cancelled due to heavy snow, high winds and poor visibility. NEWThe post

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The government and tourism industry are painting an optimistic picture of the winter ahead in a new survey.  UK tour operators also report growing interest in

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Fresh snow is falling, some resorts have already opened & we're getting in the mood for winter at PlanetSKI. With help from our friends at Maison Sport we

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Verbier opens today and Val Thorens is the latest to announce an early start to skiing. NEW & UPDATEDThe post More Resorts Set to Open as Further Snow Falls in

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“News Flash” is FREESKIER’s online column designed to keep you up-to-date with snippets of outdoor news you need to know about. The post News Flash: Week of

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Voison is truly a Jane of all trades and iF3 awarded Voison with the coveted Standout Skier of Year for her segments in the new TGR flick. The post [Q&A]

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When a glove is deemed a Cody Townsend uphill favorite, that’s when you know it’s good. The Ergo Grip Active Wool Terry is built with mid-winter touring in

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It was the first winter free from Covid-19 restrictions and despite generally poor snow, there were some positives. NEWThe post Switzerland Reveals Statistics

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The first event is due to take place in 2028 with St. Moritz/Engadine in Switzerland and Lillehammer/Hafjell in Norway throwing their hats into the ring.

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In the ten individual Olympic alpine skiing events, skiers race against the clock with each event timed to the hundredth of a second (0.01).

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Ski Solutions is Britain's original specialist ski travel agency and tailor-made tour operator and have been arranging ski holidays for more than 35 years to

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Saturday is the traditional ski transfer day - expect busy airports & packed roads when travelling. In resort there are queues for accommodation, ski hire

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Significant amounts of early season snow have fallen with more on the way. Check out the latest. NEWThe post More Snow is on its way to the Alps appeared first

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Readers, Reports and Resorts are sending us images of the snow currently falling across Europe and North America. Inspiring us all for the approaching winter.

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This week resorts have opened in the USA. Now it's the turn of Canada as Lake Louise fires up some lifts on Friday with others to follow. NEWThe post Heavy

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There has already been some snow but in reality it has been dustings. This is the real deal with over 50cm forecast. NEWThe post First Major Snowfall Hits the

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Looking fly on the mountain often comes with a price tag–both in terms of your bank account and your carbon footprint. But Picture is here to alleviate that

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★ Discount Ski Rentals with Intersport ★ Christmas in St Anton with SNO ★ Christmas in Arc 1950 with VIP SKI NEW The post Deals for November 2023

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The UK ski agent, SNO, is offering trips to Xmas markets in the Alps combined with some festive skiing - travelling by air, rail or road. NEWThe post Xmas

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Skiers: Bode Barrett & Josh Bibby Start your season out right with a chance to win the ultimate freeride-twin for the next generation of skiers that blend

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Connect with everything you need to know about alpine skiing. Teams. Athletes. Results. News and Insights. All in one place.

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Like death and taxes, boot liners pack out. Alas, you've got options to improve a boot's function and life span. Maybe a boot liner refresh is in order.The


Scarpa's 4-Quattro boots feature a Grip Walk sole, making this an option for those riding lifts or in the backcountry. The off-piste reality may convince you


What one expects from an Arc'teryx shell is a high-quality build, an ample feature set, durability, and, oh yeah, the $$. The women's Rush jacket is a


We often associate Italy’s Ski Trab with skinny-waisted and lightweight skis. With the introduction of the Neve, Ski Trab deviates a bit and presents a 93mm


Standing on the shoulders of snow scientist Ron Perla, the backcountry community can navigate avalanche terrain to forge a safer path and come home at the end


The glossy carbon weave is attractive. When carbon is employed, we pay a premium for lightness and stiffness: Dynafit's Blacklight ski boot doubles up with


The Kreuzspitze GT 2.0 binding comes in a weight-wise package (sub 200g for the basic unit) and adjustable release values. Click in and go. The post Click in


In the just-beyond-race-weight ski segment, the Blizzard Zero G LT 80 (yeah 80mm underfoot) renders a steady ski that harnesses that great Zero G edge hold in


Sometimes, we place a premium on roominess. In other situations, it's about minimizing weight, space, and some comfort. But in both instances, it's nice to


The Arc'teryx Alpha Lightweight Parka is a piece to keep you toasty when the pace stalls out on the skinner, flying downhill on the descent, or an emergency


Big and floaty and so so ... so fine in ideal powder. This can be said about many skis, but, in particular, it is true of the DPS Pagoda Tour RP 112. And it


I should have discarded two outdated rules years ago: never go with strangers or a guide. Here's to a growth mindset at the Sunrise Hut with eight strangers


Now beyond cult-follower status, Hyperlite Mountain Gear (HMG) remains a staple of the backpacking light crowd. Amongst the ski touring community, they have a


The Julbo Montebianco 2 offers great eye protection from intense sun. And fit with the Reactiv 1-3 High Contrast prescription lens; this is eyewear I can use


A flagship ski boot in the La Sportiva line, the Skorpius CR II is touted to offer performance for demanding ascents and descents. In this article, we connect

Update on Feral Incident and more


All you need to know about USA Ski team, news and more


This article is sponsored by Ikon Pass. Learn more here. Here we are — surfing through the sunshine of spring, spraying soft snow while getting a bit spicy on